Notice of Public Hearing


The Londonderry School District will conduct a public hearing on the acceptance of the Federal ESSER III Grant.  The Londonderry School District is scheduled to receive $1,564,487.94 to defray the costs associated with the COVID pandemic. Such funds shall be received under RSA198:20-b, appropriations for Unanticipated Funds. It will take place at the Londonderry High School, 295 Mammoth Road, Londonderry, New Hampshire in the Cafeteria on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 at 7:00pm.  The public is invited to attend.

Supporting Students When They are Absent Due to Extended Illnesses

The school district is in the process of expanding our ability to meet the needs of students who are absent from school for longer periods of time than they would be for a normal short-term illness. Last school year, we were able to commit a number of staff members to remote instruction as  result of the significant number of families electing to learn in that environment. This year, with full in-school learning, we do not have the ability to redeploy staff in that manner. As such, we have to rely upon more traditional methods of delivering learning to students who are out of the school building.

With the wide variety of ages of students we serve and the material they are tasked with learning, it is important for individual teachers to make the determination of how best for students to learn from home. This is a list of measures that are currently available, or are in the process of being developed.

  • Sharing of in-school learning resources and materials (textbooks, workbooks, etc.)
  • Communication with teachers electronically via email or phone
  • Use of Google Classroom for assignments or communication with teachers
  • Use of video conferencing for live interactions both within a class and with staff
  • Pre-recorded videos of lessons or activities from teachers in district
  • Existing on-line learning materials such as those provided by the College Board, virtual learning providers such as Kahn Academy and other similar resources.
  • Use of on-line learning materials, tutorials, or software related to concepts under study (iReady, etc.)
  • After school hours – extra help sessions with staff or tutors

We are currently working to expand our offerings of live on-line help both during and after school hours, to be offered both by our staff and from independent tutoring services. This will be expanded as soon as possible.

Londonderry School District Public COVID-19 Dashboard 2021-22

Since the Department of Public Health continues to experience delays in reporting COVID cases, we will take the step to make a “dashboard” available to the community so that more up to date information is shared weekly.

Under the COVID-19 tab on our website, you can find the following link to our dashboard.

Our dashboard will be updated for the public on Friday afternoons of every week. We will share the following information on our dashboard:

  • The percentage of Londonderry residents that are fully vaccinated
  • The level of community transmission, (substantial, moderate, or minimal) specific to Londonderry metrics.
  • The active cases in each school building over the prior week, captured for each day of the week.
  • The masking status for each school based on that Friday.

Request for Proposals: Touchless Faucet System




The Londonderry School District [SAU12] is currently seeking qualified vendors to submit proposals for touch less faucet systems.  All the faucets in the School District [215] will be converted to touch less as an effort to combat the current COVID 19 virus.    Each vendor can submit a proposal for the system of their choice.  Responses to the RFP are due Friday, October 8, 2021 at the Londonderry School District Office located at 6A Kitty Hawk Landing, Londonderry, NH.  A copy of the RFP can be found on the Londonderry School District web-page or contact the Buildings and Grounds Department.

Vendors may contact the Buildings and Grounds Director, Alan Miller for more detailed information in order to submit the best packet.  Please provide no less than three [3] copies of your proposal.  Selected vendors will be asked to participate in an on-site or remote interview, for questions and more in-depth discussion regarding the proposal.  Please provide pricing in a clearly marked separate envelope.

All packets should be delivered to:

Alan Miller

Director of Buildings and Grounds
Londonderry School District
6A Kitty Hawk Landing
Londonderry, NH   03053
(603) 432-6920

Londonderry School Board Resignations

On Friday afternoon, the School Board received word that Chairperson Michael Saucier had submitted his resignation from the Board, citing health concerns. The Board has accepted applicants for the other current vacancy created by the recent resignation of Vice Chairperson Jenn Ganem and has not at this point deliberated on a process or timeline for naming successors to these positions. The Board will consider both resignations in public session during their meeting tomorrow, Tuesday August 24. The Board does retain the ability to continue to meet and carry out their duties with a 3/5 quorum.

The Board will conduct a reorganizational process at the start of the meeting on 8/24 to select a temporary chairperson to serve until the full board can choose a chair to serve until March of 2022.