Elementary/Kindergarten Forum on Bullying – 4pm April 17th at Moose Hill – Facebook/YouTube Streaming as well!

Greetings, Elementary School Families:

I am writing to you today to invite you to an elementary school/kindergarten forum focused on the topic of bullying at the elementary school level–what it is, what it means, how we address it proactively and in the moment, and how things look at the elementary schools and kindergarten.

We hope to have a series of forums in the future on topics that families consistently have questions about to help our families work better with our school district.

Our school counselors created a presentation they will share on 4/17 at 4pm in the Multi-purpose room at Moose Hill; all families are invited to attend. The event will also be shared on Facebook Live and the school district’s YouTube channel and stored there for future viewings.

The event should last about a half hour; first the school counselors will share their work and resources, and then the counselors, assistant principals, principals, and our elementary school SRO will be in attendance to answer any questions from attendees.

We are very excited to share the work and knowledge of our elementary school counselors and administrators. We know that working together helps us best support students in a proactive way.

A middle/high school forum around bullying for parents will also occur next month as well.


Dan Black, Superintendent





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