Reminder Moose Hill Open House and Tour – March 6th 6pm to 6:30pm – tomorrow night!

Dear Londonderry Community if you have any questions around the Moose Hill Projects going to the voters next week or want to take a tour of our current Moose Hill School to understand our space issues – both Principal Sandra Mack and Superintendent Dan Black will be available at the Moose Hill School from 6pm to 6:30 tomorrow night.

We have shared extensive information with the community over the last few months on Articles 2 and 3, but if you need to look through any of the details again here are some of the best resources:

 Moose Hill Project Website:

 1st Facebook Live Event in December – Overview of the Moose Hill Project –

 2nd Facebook Live Event in January – Focusing on the current Overcrowding issue

3rd Facebook Live Event in January – Focusing on Construction in a School Zone & Process for Building Projects

4th Facebook Live Event in February – Focusing on Full Day Kindergarten Need –

 Thank for your time and please join us tomorrow night at Moose Hill from 6pm to 6:30!

The Londonderry School District






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