School Board Statement on Cheer Program-September 25, 2023

School Board Statement on Cheer Program – September 25, 2023

We thank you all for your patience as the district works through the investigation into the Cheerleading Program. We have received an update on the status of the investigation and are pleased to inform you that the JV Cheerleading Program is reinstated, effective immediately. The investigator confirmed that she had “no concerns” that should prohibit the JV Program from resuming immediately. Therefore, in non-public session, the School Board voted to lift the suspension for the JV Program effective immediately.

The investigator is not yet able to make such a statement with regard to the Varsity Cheerleading Program. To date, the investigator has conducted interviews with 20 individuals over the course of 24 interview sessions. She estimates that she has approximately 12 interviews remaining, and that she continues to narrow the allegations. The investigator anticipates that she will be able to conduct the additional 12 interviews over the course of the next two weeks, and that she will be able to provide preliminary findings on the Varsity Cheerleading Program to the School Board by October 9, 2023. Therefore, the School Board voted in non-public session to continue the suspension for the Varsity Cheerleading Program until October 9, 2023, at which point said suspension will be reviewed.





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