YouTube Video of Tuesday, 6/8 School Board Meeting

Over the past weekend, it has come to our attention that YouTube has deactivated the video of the 6/8 meeting of the Londonderry School Board. The District regularly broadcasts meetings of the School Board on this format, and posts recordings of meetings in order to be sure that Londonderry residents have the ability to see meetings that are of interest to them. In the case of this particular video, we have been informed that the video has been taken down because it violates the YouTube Community Guidelines, and specifically their prohibition of content that contradicts the guidance of the WHO and the CDC regarding COVID-19 protocols. We have been alerted by YouTube that subsequent violations of this policy could result in the District’s channel being deactivated. The District has initiated an appeal of this decision, and in the meantime has posted a recording of the video on our own internal website. Residents may now view that video linked on the School Board page of the district website. It is of vital importance that members of our community have the ability to see what transpired during this meeting and all meetings of the School Board.

View School Board Meeting Videos Here.