The Londonderry School Board Announces Formation of a Kindergarten Study Committee

At the April 19th 2022 School Board meeting the following charge for a Kindergarten Study Committee was made and approved 5 – 0 by the Londonderry School Board:

The Kindergarten Study Committee should include a chair and co-chair from the district office, two board members, up to 3 community members, the kindergarten principal and member of the kindergarten staff and a representative from the facilities committee.

The committee will be responsible for gathering community feedback, staff feedback and parent feedback within the context of feasibility to ultimately return to the board with a recommendation in regard to moving forward with a full day kindergarten plan or not backed by full day versus half day research. In the event of a full day recommendation the committee should research and present to the board the anticipated additional needs to support this.

The committee should meet at minimum once every two weeks and provide progress updates to the full board.

If any member of the community is interested in joining the Kindergarten Study Committee please email Dan Black at