Response to Public Comment Misinformation from April 5th School Board Meeting

If there is misinformation shared during public comment at a school board meeting, school district administrators will respond to those comments in a coordinated manner with the School Board. There were a few examples of misinformation that came up during public comment at the April 5th 2022 School Board meeting. Below are a few factual statements to clear up the misinformation shared:

One member of the public held up a book at the April 5th School Board meeting and stated this was a book in one of our libraries – specifically the middle school – that was controversial and they did not approve of it. The member of the public held up the book – “This Book is Anti-Racist” by Tiffany Jewel. Our librarians determined that this book is not in the catalog at Londonderry Middle School nor any of the schools in our district.

One member of the public claimed at the April 5th School Board meeting from reading the Londonderry Police Log that there was a sexual offense that took place in Londonderry High School during the prior week. There was no sexual offense that took place at Londonderry High School. The School’s SRO (School Resource Officer) took a report regarding an alleged sexual offense that took place off campus during off-school hours. The SRO submitted an “Offense #” which initiates the report and investigation.  There is a “Location” section on that police log, which references LHS, because that is where the report was taken, not where the offense allegedly occurred. In the future, the LPD will not use a school address in a report if an incident did not occur within the school building.

There were a number of claims made about Critical Race Theory at the April 5th School Board meeting as well. The School District has been actively working with the NH Department of Education and we will be able to comment on those claims once they have completed their investigation.