Message from the Chair of the Londonderry School Board

This is Mike Saucier – Chair of the School Board this year.

A large crowd is expected at the School Board meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday, August 10) and I wanted to explain the process we will follow in regards to the reopening plan.

We will open the meeting with a discussion of that reopening plan. We will use the following steps:

1. The Chair of the Task Force will lead a presentation on the recommendations the group approved
2. The Superintendent and his administrative team will lead a presentation on the recommendations of the administration
3. The School Board will then have a chance to ask questions and make comments (the Board may also ask questions during the presentations)
4. Public comment specifically to the reopening plan will be allowed – the public comment during this portion will be limited to 3 minutes for each individual. It is highly recommended that people email the full school board at prior to the meeting to let their feelings be known but with that said, public comment will be allowed for any Londonderry resident – they will have the 3 minutes only. At the end of the 3 minutes, the Chair will ask you to stop and return to your seat with no additional time.
5. After public comment, the Board will have a final chance to comment and question before holding a final vote to decide on the reopening plan.

To be clear, when a Board member, administrator, or member of the public is speaking, the people in the audience must remain silent and demonstrate a level of respect to the speaker. There shall be no heckling, calling out, or talking of any kind while the recognized speaker is speaking as a part of the meeting. That level of respect is a minimum we can expect from the parents of Londonderry students. If someone in the audience does not respect these rules, they will be gaveled down by the Chair. If they continue, they will have the opportunity to leave on their own accord, or will be declared out of order and removed from the meeting.

With all of that said, I as Chair am not interested in any of that happening. As Board Chair, I am thrilled that members of the public and parents have strong opinions about a wide range of issues that impact our students and schools. I expect that the people who attend the Board meeting will represent Londonderry well and demonstrate why we all take such pride in our community and our schools.

I look forward to a respectful and productive School Board meeting on August 10th.

Mike Saucier