Message from Chair of the School Board on COVID-19 Grants

Good afternoon – this is Mike Saucier, Chairman of the School Board this year.

While it is not the practice of the School Board to respond to rumors or social media chatter – based on the number of people who have reached out to the Board with concerns I felt it necessary in this case to issue a statement to be sure that the public has the correct information.

1. The COVID relief grant is just that – a federal funding plan to help schools and districts recover from the challenges of the pandemic and to prepare all of us for the final weeks of this year.

This grant has nothing to do with school curriculum.  There is a separate process for all of those discussions. Any discussions about changing our state’s education curriculum would come with full public notice as well as input from both the NH Department of Education and from Commissioner Frank Edelblut.

Specifically, any conversations or debates about “CRT” are happening at the state level, in the New Hampshire legislature. We are monitoring those discussions and pieces of legislation such as HB 544.  Those debates are not a part of the work being done by Londonderry School Board.  Those are questions best directed to our state lawmakers and to Commissioner Edelblut.

The Board supports moving forward with this COVID relief grant. We believe it will help us offset the expenses and financial losses our district and our taxpayers have all suffered since the early months of 2020.

2. The process for the Covid grants that the federal government has used is to send all information to the states.  Then the state governments send guidance to local districts.  It is the state’s job to monitor how that money is spent by the local districts – here is a link to that guidance that we are following –

To be as clear as possible – the Covid grant money has nothing to do with CRT and the School Board is not considering, discussing, or debating anything to do with CRT.  Anyone sharing information that says otherwise is misinformed.

I will close by encouraging all people to reach out directly to the school district if you have questions or concerns and to receive accurate information.  You can reach out to the full School Board through email at or you can reach out to Superintendent Scott Laliberte at

Michael Saucier – Chairman of the School Board