Londonderry School District: Morning Commute

Dear Londonderry Families, Staff, and Students –

We are sorry for the mess of a commute into school today.

We approached today’s weather call as we always do; we:

  1. monitored the weather days before it approached.
  2. attended a statewide briefing on the storm yesterday afternoon.
  3. coordinated early this morning with the Londonderry Department of Public Works, our Buildings and Grounds Department, neighboring School Districts, and our Bus Company, studying the weather information and checking the roads ourselves to make this morning’s call.

At 5AM this morning, we came to the same conclusion as our neighboring districts, with the information we had that rain would continue through the morning commute, and we were in good shape for a normal opening.

Obviously, as we started our bus runs for Londonderry High School, the weather changed quickly to snow and ice, which caused a far more treacherous commute for everyone than we expected.

We had many bus delays and needed the help of Londonderry DPW to ice and salt the roads continually to get the routes moving, as well as the help of LPD to move some of our buses that were stuck. Additionally, a number of bus routes did not occur at the High School, Middle School, and our Elementary Schools.

This was a very problematic morning commute, and again, we are sorry for all of the troubles and inconveniences that occurred.

As of now, we have all our students in school that are going to make it in. We are seeing warming weather throughout the day, and the roads are already in much better shape. Based on the current weather forecast, we do not see the need for an early release. We do expect to start our afternoon bus runs and dismissal closer to 2pm at Londonderry High School, to give ourselves more time to get everyone home safely.

We are going to cancel PM Kindergarten and LEEP for today at Moose Hill so that we have enough bus drivers and are ready for PM dismissal for the rest of our schools.

We know there are many major events occurring in our schools after school and tomorrow, with more snow coming in tonight and tomorrow morning. We will work with all our schools on those events and come up with appropriate plans later today and tomorrow morning with further communication for affected students and families.

We appreciate your patience with this morning’s commute.

Interim Superintendent

Dan Black