Londonderry School District: 10 Days In and Back to Normal!

We are 10 days into the new school year, and the year is going great! When we opened school a few weeks ago, among other things, I encouraged all of our staff to make sure we make plenty of time to smile, laugh, and enjoy school again with all of our students so that we could rebuild a positive school culture within Londonderry. I am happy to share that we are 10 days into the year, and  we can all see the inspiring effects of getting back to normal. There is a positive culture and mood in all of our schools right now that we will continue to build upon and share with the community.

As we move forward, I just want to clarify that at the August 18th School Board meeting, the School Board approved a reopening plan that allowed us to return to normal. Here is the link to the document that, by law, we are required to have on our webpage. The first four pages contain the updated reopening plan for 2022-23, and for your reference, the next 10 pages are the versions from prior school years. Within the plan for this year, we will continue to share a dashboard with the community showing the number of active COVID cases within the District – here is that link.

Since we are in the endemic stage of the virus, our best advice for parents and students is to follow the policy used before COVID to navigate the colds and viruses that always move through our schools:  Policy JHCH – Exclusion from Schools – Physician’s Notes.

As you look through the reopening plan, you will see that we shed many items that were in place to manage COVID. You will also see that our schools will communicate a lot less this year around the virus. We do expect to get cases during the cold/flu season this winter. Our schools will only reach out to parents if we see a large number of cases in specific groups of students and staff.

It is wonderful to be back to normal and have an excellent school year underway!

Dan Black

Interim Superintendent of Schools