Londonderry District Office:  Finding Information on Committee Work

Since last spring, our leadership team has been working to get school back to normal. Looking at the current state of our schools, that effort has largely paid off. We know getting back to normal also means making sure all of the normal functions of a school system are running properly. That said, COVID 19 disrupted many of our systems, and we are still working hard to get them back to normal operations, one by one, over the course of this school year.

One of those systems is making sure the community can follow along with any committee work that happens for the School Board and School District. We admit that many of the paperwork and posting requirements for our committees were not as consistent over the last couple of years as they should have been. We have begun rectifying this so the community can follow along with the ongoing and timely work of our various committees.

Below is a quick summary of the committees the community can engage with and be a part of, in terms of our normal operating functions. From the links provided below, any community member can find information on each committee, as well as reach out to a point of contact in our leadership team for further information and questions.

We are here to engage with the community on the many issues that surface through this committee work; we know progress comes from dialogue with the community and transparency. Please reach out to us with any further questions and needs.

Dan Black

Interim Superintendent

C3 Committee

Status: Active – Usually Meets 5 to 6 times a year

Focus: Curriculum, Technology, and Special Education topics are discussed first in C3 before they are brought to the School Board.

Point of Contact – Jason Parent –

Communication Committee

Status: Active – Meets Once a Month

Focus: Maintain all current communication initiatives and look to build further best practices to communicate with the community.

Points of Contact – Amity Small –

Kindergarten Committee –

Status: Active – Will meet every 3 to 4 weeks over the coming year

Focus: To fulfill the School Board’s charge on getting feedback on Full Day Kindergarten recommendation from the community.

Point of Contact – Dan Black –

Facilities Study Committee –

Status: No current charge from the School Board

Focus: Master Facilities plan presented to the School Board in June 2022. Since then Facilities Study conversations have continued at the School Board Meetings on a regular basis.

Points of Contact: Dan Black –

Wellness Committee –

Status: Active – Meets 3 Times a Year

Focus: Share and coordinate Wellness Activities across the district. It is a federally mandated committee we must have as being part of the School Lunch Program.

Point of Contact – Amity Small –

Superintendent Search Committee –

Status: Active – Upcoming Meeting TBD

Focus: Hire permanent Superintendent.

Point of Contact: Cindy