Londonderry Communication Committee Updates

On behalf of the District Communications Committee, I want to thank those who responded to the Communications Survey. We learned a lot about communication preferences, satisfaction with our schools, and needs for future planning. Not everyone uses nor prefers the same communication methods, but we were able to look at trends and make some decisions to improve how we communicate with all of you.

Today, we would like to share some of the work we did this summer with some new resources for you that are hopefully easier to navigate. Emails from schools and our District’s website and blog will continue to be where official information originates, and we did some clean up over the summer. Teachers will be updating their websites when they return.  Based on survey feedback, we will do our best to share emails that are timely, transparent, and easier to sort by sender and information.

We also have a new site dedicated to our District’s media outlets, that can be found at:

Starting at our next Board Meeting, 9/6, the new You Tube Links will be used to house our videos so please subscribe to the new channels—they will make it easier to find sources at each school. The old YouTube channels will remain up for the semester, but are designated with (archive) in the channel name.

We also have created a website for families that houses all of the information people tend to request the most; there are hubs for each school with links to popular school-based information—we encourage you to save the hubs as favorites or a link on your desktop. There is also a District Flowchart that provides contact information for our District’s staff. We will continue to build this website which is found at:

We will also showcase some of the great things we do on social media—please follow the Londonderry School District’s Facebook page, our Interim Superintendent’s Instagram at Londonderry_superintendent , and some of the new Instagram accounts or Twitter handles that will come out of the schools as we get up and running. Links to all of these can be found on the new site.

Finally, we will continue to share information with the community through local press outlets, and we want to continue to provide informational opportunities for families to learn more about our District. One of our first Information Nights is scheduled to discuss the ALICE Emergency Response System and school safety on 9/22 at 6pm in the LHS gym. Please Click Here to see the flier and use the following link to RSVP if you plan to attend so we can plan space accordingly. RSVP link: Family Information Night: School Safety and ALICE (

We are very excited for a great school year working together with our families to support their children; we know communication is a vital piece of that support. Work will be on-going throughout the year, and we welcome your feedback and support.