Letter from Londonderry School Board: School Safety

As we open the school year, many of you, like each of us on the School Board, are increasingly attentive of safety and security in our schools. The School District has long had an Emergency Operations Committee, working closely with Londonderry Police and Fire to promote and prioritize safety of our students and buildings.

At the beginning of 2022, many members of the Londonderry School District admin team became “ALICE certified”, working hand in hand with our Police Department to learn new, more effective responses to a variety of potential scenarios. Over the summer, over 600 teachers and staff went through ALICE training, experiencing simulated scenarios and developing the skillsets needed to respond appropriately. These skills range from active decision making, communication, information sharing and effective, safe, evacuation and mitigation strategies.

ALICE is an acronym that stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. It is far improved from prior methods and empowers teachers and staff to make decisions based on available information rather than sitting and waiting to be told what to do. Several of us on the School Board recently had the opportunity to experience ALICE training for ourselves. We left with a sense of awe and respect for our teachers and staff who actively prepare themselves on how to best protect their students. We also left secure in the knowledge, professionalism, commitment and dedication of our Police Department and School Resource Officers. Not only do our SROs take time to obtain and maintain their credentials as certified school resource officers, they take time over the summer to train, teach, coach and empower our staff to be in the best, most educated position to protect our students. As a Board, are grateful for the chance to partner with the Londonderry Police Department and are humbled by the teachers and staff who used their time this summer to complete ALICE training.

The School District will also be hosting an informational night on September 22nd at 6pm in the LHS Gym for anyone in the community interested in learning more. To make sure we have enough seating, we are asking for RSVPs Online or via phone at 603-432-6920.

Thank you,

Amy Finamore

Chair, Londonderry School Board