From the Kindergarten Committee: Sharing Frequently Asked Questions Document

Just to note, there is nothing in the upcoming March 14th Vote on the Budget that pertains to Full Day Kindergarten. This Committee and the School Board are still gathering feedback from Londonderry on Full Day Kindergarten.

 The Kindergarten Committee has posted a new document to their website that they want to share with all of Londonderry. Since the Committee’s presentation on Full Day Kindergarten in September 2022, we have attended numerous public events and made presentations to gather as much feedback and answer as many questions as possible. Many questions we heard over and over again from the community. For that reason, we are sharing our “FAQ Document” with the community so everyone can see the types of questions we are getting as well as answer them for the community. We were able to answer the eight main questions we keep getting into a simple four page document.

Many of the questions we kept getting were around the research behind Full Day Kindergarten. In this FAQ document, we provide links that summarize the major research done on Full Day Kindergarten in the past for the community to look through.

The Committee presented the answers to these questions last week to the School Board on January 10th – if you are interested in watching the short presentation – it begins about 32 minutes into the School Board meeting –

 Thanks again for your time and interest in Full Day Kindergarten.

The Londonderry Kindergarten Committee