From the Chair of the Londonderry School Board Regarding Federal COVID-19 Related Grants

The School Board would like to share the following information with all interested community members.  The Board encourages you to reach out any time if you have questions through our email address –

The District has been very fortunate to have received several different rounds of grant funding from the Federal Government to cover the unanticipated costs of operating our schools under the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Click here to view a summary of the grants that we have received, and the areas to which they have been allocated.

Last week, we learned that we will be receiving an additional $696,335 in funding for continued COVID-19 expenses as a result of the ESSER-2 grants. While we are still working out specific details regarding how these funds will be allocated, we do know that the funds will be targeted at the following areas:

  1. Extended day and extended school year academic skills development programs, which will allow students to remediate skills lost during the pandemic.
  2. HVAC system upgrades intended to increase our ability to recirculate fresh air in our school buildings.
  3. Refreshing PPE Supplies such as masks, cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizer for next school year.
  4. Increasing student technology to be able to extend the learning environment beyond the school day and building. While we hope not to have to enter a period of remote learning again, it is clear that students will need to be able to access their learning outside of school. We need to maintain the technological infrastructure to make this happen.

We have been fortunate to receive these funds, and will continue to maximize their use in maintaining a safe and effective learning environment. These funds will be available for our use through the 2022-2023 School Year. We do anticipate that there will be a third round of ESSER funds disbursed, though we are still awaiting details on that program.  The details of our federal grant programs will be reviewed in greater detail at our April 6 School Board meeting.