Follow up on Londonderry Police Log

As a School District, we always contact individual parents, groups of parents, and the public when it is appropriate when something happens within our schools that we need to communicate and share information. Many things that happen in our schools are private and legally protected between students and their parents, as well as for our employees.

Last night a few individuals read the Londonderry Police Log and came across the following information – “2:05 p.m. Suicide Attempt/Threat transported to a hospital from Moose Hill School on Pillsbury Road.”

Nothing that happened last Wednesday April 13th at Moose Hill, involving one employee was appropriate for the Moose Hill School or the School District to communicate to any one parent, any group of parents, or the community at large.

One of our wonderful SROs (School Resource Officers) did come to Moose Hill last Wednesday to help with a situation and their help did end up as this one statement in the Londonderry Police Log.

It is not appropriate for the Londonderry School District or Londonderry Police Department to share any more information.

We hope the Londonderry community at large can appreciate that many things that happen in our schools are meant to stay private, especially when they are legally meant to be private.

As a school system we are working very hard to address the stress, mental health, and social-emotional needs of both our staff and students right now. If you want to find out more of what we are doing please watch our April 19th School Board meeting  (from 1:42 (one hour and 42 minutes in) to about 2:35 (two hours and 35 minutes in).

We hope the community can work with us to support these efforts.