Dear Londonderry Families: 

Last night we presented to the School Board how we could reopen school safely for all staff, students and their families. The School Board is hosting a workshop next week on July 21st to listen to public comment and reaction for reopening. They also continue to invite written comments to those who are unable or uncomfortable with attending. 

The link below will take you to the board packet for last night that has many more details on how we could safely reopen this fall: (click on the 7/14/20 agenda) 

The main focus of how we could reopen safely is allowing parents to choose between in person school with public health guidelines in place, or to choose continued remote instruction for their students. We do suspect we can allow changes for students by the semester and trimester as needed to work with families throughout the year after your initial reopening choice. 

At this point we are trying to better understand each family’s interest in these two options, as well as if they are undecided right now, or if they are considering to unenroll, knowing our current focus. Your responses to this survey will not lock you into your choice definitively right now. We just need to better plan around what our families are thinking at this point to prepare for the number of students in person, and the number of students in remote instruction. 

If you are interested in in person school at this point, we are also trying to understand how many families will still want to take the bus. If you are interested in remote instruction we are also trying to understand how many devices we need to loan out to families, as well as how students with specialized services want them delivered. 

If you are undecided at this point in time, please let us know through this survey, as well as the information you need from us to help make your decision by early August. 

Again this survey is not any final decision you are making as a family for the school year, you are just letting us know your interests at this point in time, or if you are undecided or are considering to unenroll so we can better plan for the upcoming school year. We will keep this survey open through next Tuesday at 12pm – July 21st to gather this preliminary information. 

When you fill out this survey, it will be for each child. We did that to allow for families to choose differently for their children if that is helpful. 

This survey is not intended for any of the tuition based preschool students. 

Family Survey on Reopening