What are the different scenarios where my family might have to quarantine during the school year even if no one in our household tests positive for COVID-19?

The New Hampshire Division and Health and Human Services released a “COVID 19 School Toolkit” on September 9th that lays out a couple of different scenarios that might mean a family might need to quarantine during the school year even if no one in their household tests positive for COVID-19. Travel outside of New England […]

Can my student wear a “gaiter” to school as a face mask?

We have been monitoring the guidance on gaiters since our Reopening Plan was approved on August 4th. Since that approval, the New Hampshire Division of Health and Human Services has not changed their guidance on gaiters. However, the Centers for Disease Control did update their guidance on gaiters and has provided more caution in their […]


LONDONDERRY SCHOOL DISTRICT LEGAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The Londonderry School District will conduct a public hearing on the act to use unassigned / unreserved surplus of funds [RSA 198:4-b] for the purpose to purchase COVID related equipment per RSA 32:11, Emergency Expenditures and Over Expenditures. The public hearing will take place at the Londonderry […]